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So today...

To say things went well is a total understatement.  I'm pretty much in a state of total bliss.  There was lots and lots of talking and laughter.  There was cuddling.  There may well have been snoggage.  He stayed until the very last ferry of the night.


And he got along really well with Miss Peri--he even did a craft project with her while I was making dinner.

My earlier freakout was totally unnecessary.

Words can't even express how much I appreciate all your words of encouragement.  Thank you all so much! *group hug!*

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oh YAY!! I'm so happy you had such a wonderful day!

Thank you! I think I'm still glowing slightly. :)

I suspect that I'm looking a little bit like Piglet right now. Wheeee!

Awww, that's wonderful! ♥♥

Thank you. It was just a perfect day.

It really was a lovely, lovely day! I'm still all glowy.

*does the happy dance!*

I'm so happy things went well!

Thank you so much! I'm feeling pretty good right now.


Not that I ever thought anyone wouldn't love you :D

Thank you, darling.

You always think better of me than I do of myself. Do you know how appreciated that is? *hugs*

Hey, if your friends won't do it, who will? We all have our inner demons. If it weren't for my friends, mine would EAT ME ALIVE :D



Yup, snogging was had! I have to give it a definite thumbs up, too.

It was funny, because it made me feel the same way I felt in high school--only instead of being afraid my mom would walk in on me, I was nervous about my kid.*g*

Thank you so much! I'm feeling happier rught now than I have in a long time.

*snuggles* SO HAPPY FOR YOU! :)

Thank you so much, darling! I'm feeling really good right now. :)

This. Is. Awesome!! :)

I'm catching up after a week and a half of not being able to get on and after reading your previous post has to cheat on my fpage skip=5billion and go to your journal to see what happened and THIS IS WONDERFUL.

As you may have already ascertained. I'm guessing. >.>

Anyway, very exciting and I'm so happy for you, love! :)

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