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In Which LJ Continues To Hate Me (and Semagic Does Too)
First of all, thanks muchly to silentdescant for pointing out to me that I'd forgotten to include a link for the most recent chapter of This Is the Way the World Ends when I posted this morning, especially since forgetting that chapter means that this morning's chapter is #47, not #46. I'm so glad to have people looking after me, since I apparently tend to get just a little confused, left to my own devices.

Anyway, as we know, my laptop, or use of LJ, or something, is possessed and won't allow me to do a functioning lj-cut. I temporarily solved the problem by switching to Semagic, as suggested by the always-lovely txvoodoo. Then, last night, Semagic wouldn't open! See, it's definitely possession. Definitely. *waves sage and crucifixes* I finally overcame the problem by downloading LochJournal (which my mind insists on thinking of, alternately, as Loch Ness or Loch Lomond) That worked, in the end, but is slightly annoying in that it doesn't appear to have a preview button. With my luck, the absence of a preview button may not be a good thing.

With the help of LochLomond (or Ness), however, I did finally get the chapter online, as you know--but then when I tried to add the link for #46 after the fact, the lj-cut went away. As in, it was still there in the html, it just might as well not have been. Which meant I had to take down the chapter, add the link in LochNess (or Lomond) and post the whole damn thing all over again. What I've discovered is that if I make any edit whatsoever to an entry, even so much as a comma, the lj-cut goes away. Am I special, or does this happen to other people?

LJ is conspiring to keep you from your fic, people!

Despite all the turmoil, though, I am pleased as Punch (though without the strange sausage obsession, or beating up on people named Judy, even my cousin Judy, despite the fact that she was very cruel to me in my childhood, and once, when she was supposed to be babysitting me, told me my mother had been eaten by a tree) that people still want to read my little story! Really, I can't tell you how happy it makes me! I'm polishing away at the final chapters, and they ought to be posted, off and on, over the course of the next two or three weeks.

With interruptions for the Twin Peaks story, of course--which is both overdue and kicking my behind.*sigh*

Unfortunately, I'm still sick (but trying a new antibiotic, the old one not having done much except destroy every bit of good bacteria in my system). The positive news is, I've been able to clear my calender and curl up extensively on the sofa with my tea, my laptop, and my puppy. It still sucks being pneumoniated, but it could be a lot worse.

The not-so-positive news is, I have an external harddrive that houses all my music, all my audiobooks, tv shows and movies. My Ipod synchs from it. Yesterday, Miss Peri broke it by trying to force the USB cord into it upside down. Child, it only works one way. Pushing isn't going to change that. There's now a crucial little metal piece rattling around inside. Here's hoping my good friends on the Geek Squad will be able to work a bit of magic for me.

Apropos of completely nothing, I'm halfway through watching The Road, with Viggo Mortensen. No one reading my current story will be surprised by my love of apocalyptic fiction, and I was blown away Cormac McCarthy's book (he is such an amazing writer). May I just go on record as saying that Viggo could not have been more perfectly cast in the part of the father. Honestly, he's breaking my heart. I had to shut the movie off for a while because I literally had tears streaming.

And with that, I bid you adieu.


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If SEMagic won't open,try rebooting, and then maybe reinstalling?

Cause, the lj-cut thing happens to people when they edit in rich text forum on LJ's entry editor.

And Semagic will let you edit posts you make (via the little calendar thingie on the button bar)


I was soooo frustrated, because I actually tried reinstalling a couple times, but it still just sat there, chuckling evilly (otherwise known as not doing a bloody thing), until I finally gave up. I don't know what happened--it was working great before!

The lj-cut thing just irritates me. I hate stupid design flaws!

I guess the upside is that I did get the chapter posted, one way or the other.

Thank you for the hugs. I can use them!

I don't know if this would help (in the future), but you can turn off rich text editing while you are using LJ's own editor (so it would help if you use a client like Semagic to post but want to edit the post on LJ later on). The good side is that you won't have the disappearing lj-cut again (unless you deleted the code from the entry yourself). The bad side is that you will need to type the html code by hand (such as bold/italic/underline your words).

Under 'My Account Settings' (, you should see a 'Entry Editor Default', if I am guessing correctly, your setting is under 'rich text'. Change it by clicking the 'HTML' button. Save the setting and your rich-text formatting problem should stop. :)

Also, do you use Firefox as your browser? There's a browser-based tool (or addons), which works as long as the browser is running, that might be helpful for you:

Deepest Sender ( This works like Semagic, allows you to post to LJ, as well as editing posts. I have tried this a year ago, which does the job quite alright, though I don't use it anymore since Semagic worked for me.

Livejournal Hook ( If Deepest Sender isn't up to what you like and/or you'd prefer using the LJ on-site posting page, this is a great tool to help you, most especially on the coding department with one-click bold/italic/underline. The only thing I would caution you is to make sure you set up the setting once you install it, since it has a few feature that is automated in the tool that you might find counter-productive (such as auto icon selection, auto privacy selection).

Sorry for the long winded comment, but I hope something in this pile of things would help you in one way or another. :P

As a parent that movie terrifies me. I could not imagine being in that position. I cried a fair bit in that movie. *hugs*

Pssst.... just a matter of curiosity. Do you name your drives? *shifty eyes* Or am I just strange? I think it comes from having an ipod, you get to name it, then after that you just go on a naming frenzy. Well I did anyway. lol

What antibiotic?

Omnicef has been working really well for me these days. I had to stop using Augmentin because of the problem with good bacteria that you mentioned--to a ridiculous degree.

/asthma geek

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