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All shall be well and all shall be well

Sema's Journal

12 July
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Hmm... What to say, what to say...

Some will remember me as semaphore27, from long, long ago, hence the strangely similar user name. It's been a while, hasn't it? Somewhere between then and now my mom's dementia started getting bad, then she developed pancreatic cancer, and that was hard too. Then she passed and I was diagnosed with MS, which was an interesting little plot twist. But anyway, let's try this again!

Let's see... Biographically, I live on a little island not far from Seattle, sharing my home my daughter, the always-lively Miss Peri (now 22, unbelievably), a Boston terrier, our handsome pugly life-partners Wilbur and Cedric, and our newest housemate, tiny kitty Misty. I haven't seen my natural hair color in about 30 years, but it's believed to be something in the auburn family. My eyes are hazel. I'm shortish and round and like to laugh, but I also cry and blush easily. My family heritage is sort of mixed Celtic/Scandinavian (my dad came from Sweden). I have one married sister. I have a honors degree in English from the University of Washington with minors in Theater and Scandinavian Studies. I love writing, which I've just taken up again after a long time away, chocolate, doing crafty things, good books, good (and sometimes bad) movies, odd TV, odder music, dogs, kind people, my family and my friends. Not necessarily in that order. I hate unkindness, intolerance, bigotry, willful ignorance and, to a lesser extent, Henry James, parsnips and Mary Sue fanfic. I am afraid of rats, heights, clowns, weird monkey toys and humiliation.

Well, that seems to be about all I can say, except that I look forward to spending time with you!
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