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I finally remembered to take aire_blair 's suggestion and put my poor abused Ipod (the one that went through the wash, you'll recall) into a bowl of rice to see if I couldn't suck the moisture out of the inside.  Miracles do occur!  It has now returned to life and is working perfectly.  Which means I don't have to pay my friends at Apple to have it fixed!

Which means (see if you follow my dizzying calculations here) that my flying monkey bag is essentially free, right?  As I've budgeted for an expense that no longer exists?

Those familiar with The Hitchhikers' Guide will recognize this as a sub-branch of Bistromathics, capable of powering interstellar space travel, for small crafts at least.  It's highly theoretical and has very little connection to life as we know it.

If she was dead, Suze Orman (the financial guru, for those who've somehow managed to avoid her) would be spinning in her grave.  I'm sure that merely meeting me would sap her of her will to live.  However, as of tomorrow, I believe she would actually be proud of me, because when my funds come in in the morning, and my automatic disbursements go out, I will be debt free, credit card or otherwise.*does a brief interpretive dance of extreme joy*

Joking aside, I basically have two speeds:  Speed One is all provident, pay as you go, budget wisely, use what I learned from working twenty years in the banking industry and growing up poor; Speed Two is bipolar!now, second star on the right straight on to humiliation, and all bets are off.  So.  Damn.  This is a big deal for me.  It feels healing.  It feels like a way I haven't been conquered after all.  I've paid that shit off and I will never, ever, ever be in debt again, with the possible future exception of a small, sensible car loan when Horatio Mazda has breathed his last--and as of tomorrow, I start saving for that.

Umn...  Anything else?

Oh, I know!  Do any of you writers ever experience that thing where you thought a chapter was all but written except for a polish, then you read it back and it sucks dead grizzly bears?  I'm experiencing that on two fronts at once.  I finally got through the Twin Peaks, sweating blood all the way, and I thought it was done, but it's soooo not.  For those of you who hated the cross-dimension stuff in TITWTWE, you do NOT wanna touch this shit.  I'm not sure even I want to touch this shit, and I eat up alternate dimensions like peanut butter.  I have to say, I do kind of like my Audrey, though.  And my Evil!Cooper.  Sadly, the latest TITTWE isn't much better.  I've been tweaking and tweaking and tweaking and I still feel as if I'm going down for the third time.  Of course, it doesn't help that Miss Peri does not stop talking for even one single, solitary second the whole time--and has had American Idol playing in the background, to boot.  I hope y'all appreciate that everything I write is done under those conditions.  Try to think kindly of me.

As a little break, I did a bit of research for a possible AU, on 18th Century Fencing Academies.  And dueling.  Because swashbuckling makes everything better.

And with that thought, I shall leave you!

Sweet dreams,

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YAAAY! I'm so glad the rice worked!

Thank you so much for the tip!

Bistromathics and avoiding Suze Orman both made me laugh, and for the record I am looking forward to Twin Peaks fic! <3

I think I'm going to let the fic sit in a corner cackling evilly to itself for a couple days before I attempt to poke at it again.*g*

And, thanks to the power of Bistromathics, the monkey bag is now mine! I can carry my laptop in style and power a shuttlecraft at the same time!

Yeah, I randomly wrote this weird thing where Albert returned to TP to care for insane, catatonic Cooper after Bob-Cooper caused the apocalypse. I figure the potential audience for that fic is about five people worldwide.

Yay monkey bag!!! Love it and hug it and call it George for me, and the same to the gray/blue Seattle-area skies. I miss it there so, so much!

Suze Orman died? *pulls thinky/remembery face*

Re: writing, I feel accomplished if I write more than one chapter on a fic, unpolished or not.

No, she's alive and well, so far as I know.*g*

i know I should probably look at it that way, but I get frustrated with myself easily. And I do love that, "Well, that's not so bad" feeling I get when I'm happy with something I've written.

What on earth does Ms. Peri find to talk about during all that time and when does she come up for air?

I'd have to wear earplugs than hear constant chatter.

She has powerful lungs and apparently doesn't need to breathe.*g* The main subjects seem to be Boys, Twilight, Twilight, boys, her friends, boys and a whole, whole, whole lot of nothing. It's a wonder I'm still sane! More or less.

I wear headphones, nod and smile a lot.

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